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  • Chronic Netflix Watchers
    Hey guys! I get the feeling there are some of us that spend a lot of time watching Netflix. I thought we could make a group to talk about shows that we watch and give suggestions! 

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  • Chronically Lonely
    Everyone gets lonely but being chronically sick is a unique kind of loneliness. Click the link below to read about being "Chronically Lonely".   Chronically Lonely 
  • Writing from a Pile of Shoes: Chronic Illness, Kids, and Creation
    The thoughtful editors at _Literary Mama_ encouraged me to be candid in this essay about writing and parenting while chronically ill, and I hope to embolden other writers whose physical limitations...
  • My battle before diagnosis
    I am really excited that this site has a blog as a part of sharing the battles that we all face with autoimmune diseases. Sharing to people that we were once friends with, family or just anyone tha...